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Esther Neptune - Master Astrologer and Tarot

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Welcome to Esther Neptune - Master Astrologer and Tarot!  Through my seven years of professional experience as a psychic reader and advisor, combined with twenty years of experience as a licensed healthcare practitioner, I provide useful information to my clients in order to make impactful life changes. 


Feel free to browse my site!  See how I can help improve your own life today.

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About Me

I have had a lifelong love of spiritual and astrology-related topics.  More recently, I was introduced to the Tarot by a local mentor while starting my professional career as a psychic.

What sets me apart from other psychic advisors are the life challenges I've faced and successfully overcome.  I've survived toxic parents, drug addiction, life-threatening illness, divorce, and financial ruin.  I have overcome all these challenges in such a way that you will feel that inspiration to perservere in your own life, without me sharing a single detail about mine.

My job is to listen to you without judgment.  Clients who call, chat, or video connect with me feel that unspoken empathy and compassion.

Although I am not Reiki-certified, I am familar with its concepts.  Many clients experience physical healing simply from reading with me.  I can further guide your wellness journey by reading your chakras.  In today's world, more clients are asking about wellness than ever before.  I am able to answer your questions in such a way that it doesn't violate the normal boundaries of a psychic reading experience. 

DISCLAIMER:  A psychic reading does not substitute for the judgment of a licensed medical practitioner.  Psychic readings are meant to give hope to your spirit, which ultimately inspires the recipient to seek physical healing.  Please consult your primary care provider for acute medical issues.

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Wow, really enjoyed this reading!   Had over an hour on call. Some amazing insights on astrology, really knows her stuff and very very eye opening. Healing. Picked up on POI's looks and star sign, moon and sun, no way she could know all that - without genuine talent. Also picked up on a haircut style. Very cool. Thank you, enjoyed it very much. 

Anonymous celebrity - September 2019 -

"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"


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Madison, Wisconsin


All appointments are in US Central Time (CT).

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